May 28, 2022
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Has it ever been with you that you’re standing in front of the fridge and your brain says “that snack is not healthy” but you reach out for it anyway?

Or you enter a store thinking you will buy that one thing, but end up buying a lot more than you anticipated?

In my journey of further understanding on building an audience with the power of influence, I observed several behavioral patterns which we have, that are quite predictable.

Has it ever happened to you, that you attended a webinar or a seminar and you ended up buying the offers even though you made a pact that you will not buy anything more?

So, the thing you have to realize is you are not your emotions, you are not your brain.

Your brain is separate from you!

Ever thought “will someone JUST show me what really works?”
And you think that there is something out there that’s stopping you, but the only thing that’s stopping you is YOU.

Every second, every minute, every hour its just you vs. you.

Your brain is the most creative excuse maker in this world.

Anytime you are about to make a decision, you will always have a voice telling you all the possible reasons why it might not work out or its better to wait, or its not good enough, or its not the right time.

The primary goal of your brain is to preserve your energy and just ensure that you survive and replicate.

It will do anything to avoid energy expenditure or stress. It does not care about your hopes, your dreams, your vision.

Seriously, it’s a biological function designed to stop you.

But you can override all of this though. Just with your ability to observe yourself, and being very aware that every thought trying to stop you is just an excuse to preserve your energy.

That’s exactly the same thing that happened to me when I planned to switch to organic traffic from the initial obsession of running Ads. (I still love ads though! but its just a  mystic crush now)

I always thought that organic traffic takes a lot of time and effort, but with the strategies I am learning, I am getting up to 30 targeted leads every day without spending a single buck or countless hours in front of my computer screen.

I also thought that by running Ads I will fail faster that will help me to adjust and learn faster💯.

But if we are not very experienced marketers then its not a so easy task to understand why you are failing!!

you will have to spend more money hiring an expert to point out what you are missing out along with keeping up with the maintenance costs of different tools. (Not to forget the ever increasing costs of running the Ads)

But why fail faster by losing money, we can also fail faster without spending any money ?

We can make mistakes without paying the price of burning our pockets, and then, as soon as we see a predictable conversion happening, we can reinvest the profit back to building, fine-tuning or upgrading the funnel📈.

I was stuck for quite a long time, holding on to one strategy that kept on failing, until I realized, that its just my brain trying to fool me

So, do you feel stuck, not getting enough sales and hyped up about ever increasing expenses and what decision are you taking right now to take yourself forward ?

What is your brain telling you to convince you to not make the next move?

What you don't realise about your brain that is sabotaging your success

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