May 28, 2022
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The Elements Of Favour

Daniel 1:9

The favour is your element of your dream and your vision.

Psalm 30:5, Psalm 30:7, Psalm 106:4, Esther 2:15, Esther 5:8, Esther 8: 5 , Luke 2:52, Luke 1:30, Luke 12:25, Mark 13:33, Deuteronomy 33:23.

Favour take people to standout . Favour is on the platform to make person to standout .Favour brings settlement of Celebrations.

Mark 13:33, Luke 12:15, Luke 173,James 1:17.
Elements are connections that triggers your standout/favour .

The elements are the connections that determine your favour and your standout on life .

The Elements Of Favour

Favour is a flavour . Favour s supernatural thing that eradicate hardship and revolution.
Favour is a divine assignment for your human world/Life .

The Elements Of Favour

The Elements Of Favour
Apostle Mogul Gabai

“Doing one thing and fail accidentally doesn’t mean you are totally fail on life. Fail in a school doesn’t mean you fail in life. Don’t give up ,God gives you numerous assignments and He has many assignments on your life God is on the platform that only has the power to close a door and open and reopen a door due to his directions over your life and purpose of your assignments”.

“Compliment is not currency , salutation is not love but favour make everything easy to be favour.

How do i enjoy Favour?

Mercy give birth to Favour. When Mercy is pregnant ,it gives birth to Favour . Mercy is the key to rulership . Mercy is on the platform of Royalty. If you wants to enjoy Favour ,look for mercy .Money can’t make you to get wealth but ‘Mercy’ is the only thing that can make you to get wealth . It is only Mercy that can makes your to enjoy Favour.

Mercy is a divine compassion on the platform of life ,Any time ,you say Oh Lord! Show me Mercy God didn’t see you but He sees Jesus Christ quickly therefore ,God will show you mercy and when God show you mercy ,you will be favoured.Habbakuk 3:2.

The more you stay on a throne ,you need to access ‘Mercy’. The more you are enjoying position ,you need to access mercy.

Crying for mercy doesn’t you commit sin but it is very good to cry to God to Show you mercy Always.

The Elements Of Favour

“When God stand by you ,it doesn’t matter the numbers of people stand against you.

When you fear God ,you will enjoy Favour .To fear God is to hate evils .
Job 4:8, John 5:9.

If you wants to enjoy Favour ,think supernaturally .Don’t always think with your flesh .Canality is not good on the platform of favour . Think in the realm of the spirit and get it rapidly not the realm of physical appearance. Try to operates the realm of supernatural.
How do i access supernatural?
1. Guess your heart
2. Stay God’s presence .

The Elements Of Favour

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