May 27, 2022



Acceptance of User Agreement.

  1. By accepting to use our service, you legally declare that you will abide to the Privacy Policy and Terms and condition of this site.
  2. You are protected under this agreement as long as you abide to the use on media and sensitive details handling policy.
  3. You are free to download all media uploaded to this platform but we reserve the right to accept or reject uploaded media and documents on this site in accordance to our Platforms policy that would be of interest and ensure user satisfaction to our services.


Every user on is eligible to own an account, allowed to download all media contents and given the opportunity to upload contents to us. 

All contents must be subject to a Review by our administrators and would be uploaded according.

The sites administrator has the right to strip you of your account, badges and administrator status if you violate the terms of this agreement.

All comments are at owners discretion, however, we Review and Delete any vulgar or disrespectful comment or comments that is regarded to be spam or goes against our community guidelines.

Our contents are Rate PG and is suitable for use and consumption for people of all ages.

(Please contact us to report any image, media or video that you feel is not supposed to be on the platform and we will get rid of them immediately after review.)


Registration is free. It is open to everyone who is interested in any of our content. 

You can get an instant account on by registering with your email or using your facebook/twitter accounts to signup for an account.

Once you click on the social media icons, you will be redirected to your account to login and authorize our site.

This procedure is safe and simple

After approving, you can then decide to use that account to either create a new account with us or maintain that same account.

This account will give you access to all our Premium Services.

User Content.

All registered users are liable for all comments and contents they upload onto our site and will be given a community strike/warning if they go against our policy.

After the third strike/warning, the users account would be deleted off the site and disallowed from re-registering on our platform again.

This is to prevent users who will intentionally violate our policies and hinder or disrupt other users usage of our platform by insulting or post X-rated contents on our site.

Media Downloads

All media uploaded on are double checked and certified safe before they are posted.

We deal only on music and videos ( including music videos, comedy videos, latest news with video format as evidence and all other kind of trending videos.)

All media are available for download except indicated other wise. Our media download are quick and simple. All you have to do is click on the download button for any of the music mp3’s or videos you want to download and you will be sent to a download page where the user has to wait for 10 seconds for download to begin.

This counter is important to prevent spam downloads and also reducing the pressure on our download server.

This measure is also important as our site is self-hosted and relies on adverts placements and songs uploads for funds to be raised.

Your music and video will drop down into your device immediately the counter gets to 0. You do not have to do anything else. In the case where the media refuses to download because of some error, a download link is also placed in the download page and one click on this link with force the download to start instantly.

Music and videos on comes from Nigeria, ghana and the rest of the world as we are working fervently to have the widest music and videos database in the world.

All media uploaded on comes with a counter for transparency to indicate the number of downloads each of the media has received so far.

Each post comes with a thumbnail but we took the liberty to remove images from inside the post body to prevent unnecessary load times. This is in a bid to make our site super fast so that users can access this site with ease without it being slow.

Ads Blockers is an individual owned and sponsored media website and just like every business out there, needs to make Money for it to be run successfully.

We advice our users to support us by disabling any adblock software on their devices and browsers to enable us make supplementary money from adverts placement especially using adsense.

We make it our duty not to overflood our page with adverts as we know users find this irritating. We do not use popup or popunder ads as we ourselves find this very annoying.

We placed just two ads at the top and bottom of our post and one at the sidebar making it 3 ads per page with is acceptable according to the survey by google.

Disclaimer: Please know that because of google autoads, you might ads at certain points on the site google deems to be productive.

Music mp3 and Video mp4 uploads / Advertisement

We are a media company and welcome the upload of music and videos from music singers and rappers, comedy houses and news lovers who want to share their content with Millions of people around the world.

How please do note that you are required to pay a small fee for each of your uploaded content as an admin will be in contact with you to confirm your payment before your content is approved and uploaded.

We have a wide fan base of music and videos loves who know what we do and do not hesitate to share it with their followers and pages, giving you more exposure that you might be paying us to do.

Uploading songs and videos to us is very easy.

You can make use of the drop down menu bar or the upload form placed on the sidebar and bottom of our desktop and mobile site.

Notices and Restrictions.

All notices, restrictions and announcement would be made on the homepage and individual users profile page for strict acceptance and guidance in the use of our site.

License Grant

We grant our users the opportunity to use any of our media be it images, music mp3 and music videos on their own sites and social media platforms on the conditions that

  1. They give a link back to the page where the content was collected
  2. They do not share it on sites that contain X-rated materials
  3. They should not disguised it as if it was an original content from their own sites.
  4. They must indicated Credits with a link back to our site.

All plagiarised contents or contents that do not follow our licence grant policy would be reported to respective authorities for review and the site owners would be liable to a Law Suit.