May 28, 2022
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Three Steps To Conquer Fear, Debel

The Concept of Fear

Fear simply means a false evidence appearing real. From this definition, it’s pertinent to analyse the concept of fear through its acronym as follows:


From the above illustration, one can deduce that fear is never real,and therefore, cannot be a force to reckon with if one doesn’t give it attention. The degree of a person’s cowardice, or the extent to which a person is a coward is proportional to the degree of fear he has accumulated or given in to. Fear can be a factor of failure. One of the keys to success is the ability to take positive action,and readiness to take and damn whatever risk that might be involved. You can’t win any battle, or be a good and successful entrepreneur when you live in fear,or harbour fear within you.

Below are the three steps to conquer and overcome fear.

1. Face your Fear:

The first step to overcome your fear is to face it squarely and deal with it. By facing your fear,you’ve got to know the particular thing you’re afraid of,and try to find a way to neutralize and conquer that force of fear. For instance, when you’re afraid of failure, you have to learn how to work hard as well smart in order to outsmart and conquer the spirit of failure. You shouldn’t be afraid of failure and, at the same time,indolent! Associate with and learn from those that have been successful in your area of business or endeavour,and by so doing, you’ll equally become successful.

2. Building Strong Security Against your Fear.
The next step one has to take in overcoming one’s fear is to build strong and enough security against one’s fear. If you’re afraid of failure in business, you have to build a strong and sustainable system that is capable of keeping your business above all waters and storms,especially that of competition. It is not good enough to have a good brand or product; but also to have and build a strong system and a strong team that will sell or market your brand.

3. Grow bigger than your Fear.

The next and last step a person has to take in order to conquer his fear,is to outgrow his fear. When you’re afraid of small snakes, you have to grow bigger than them by becoming a Python. When you’re afraid of a cat,you have to become a lion, and when you’re afraid of a bull/cow, then you have to become an elephant.

The above illustrations using animals, entails that one has to make conscious efforts towards attaining growth(expansions) and development in whatever business one does so as to withstand and survive all kinds of unfavorable completions. This is because,life is a matter of the survival of the fittest!

Debelu Emmanuel Nnazoba
(The Royal Messenger)

Steps To Conquer Fear by Debel

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