May 28, 2022
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Why I am Proudly Aligned With The Party Of My Youth – SDP Presidential Aspirant

SDP Presidential Aspirant Revealed why he Why he is Proudly Aligned With The Party Of My Youth

The candidate representing Social Democratic Party ahead of the forthcoming 2023 presidential election has revealed why he’s proudly aligned with the party and its vision to deliver democracy.

“Why I am proudly aligned with the party of my youth and our inherent vision to deliver democracy” – Prince Adewole Adebayo
Democracy they say is the government of the people,by the people and for the people. In Nigeria, no credit has been given to the meaning and purpose of democracy.

SDP Presidential Aspirant
SDP Presidential Aspirant

Speaking at the Social Democratic Party (SDP) National Executive Council (NEC) today in Abuja, Prince Adewole Adebayo who’s the party’s choice come 2023 stated that the country is in dire need of salvation.

The Ondo born politician while briefing the people on the role of SDP in bringing in the democracy the nation enjoyed today after Nigeria was tired of dictatorship, said that the SDP then, offer its horse rode the people to the era of Democracy through the landslide victory of M .K. O Abiola.

He further expressed the quality his party has so far gone for and charged them to always be at their best, also recounting his role in the 1999 election, stating he has never had any regret till this point, rather making history with the party. “ it’s an honor for me to address the social democratic party, it’s the party of my youth, I remember when we use to run around in Lagos for M.KO Abiola, we were young activists, pasting posters doing seminars,” he said.

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