May 28, 2022
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“There Is A Reason For The Fight”- Apostle  Ebimiyen

I will like you to know that the greatness of your destiny is what makes you a serious target of the enemy.

Great destinies are great threats to the devil, so he does everything possible to frustrate, terminate or divert them. In the game of football, the individual with Superior skills is always a major object of attack. This is how it is with the devil. He can ignore other people and focus on you if the fulfilment of your destiny will weak havoc in his kingdom.

‘Light bearers’ are always object of attack.
There are people who are under the mysterious attacks of the enemy just because they are extraordinary; they are threats to the enemy because they Carry prophetic destinies.

I like you to know that your battle reveals you value. The devil doesn’t disturb empty people. Your challenges reveal the champion inside you.

It is also important that you know that God will never allow you face what will swallow you, so anything God permits you to confront, He has empowered you to conquer.
*”Great destinies are great threats to the devil, so he does everything possible to frustrate, terminate or divert them.*

The bible tells us about a certain man called Gideon in the book of Judges Chapter 6. Gideon was discouraged about what was happening around him; he saw himself as a ‘nobody’, but one day the word of the Lord came to him, and God said to him in plain words: “Gideon, you are a mighty man of valour, you never knew what was inside you, but Gideon you are a mighty man of valour, you are a mighty hero in the making, you are the one that will liberate Israel from the Midianites ,in fact, you are to start now! ”

Reason For The Fight Apostle  Ebimiyen

Most time, the devil makes you believe you are a ‘NOBODY‘ due to the attacks you are go through per time, but you must understand how the devil operates: he never leaves a shining star alone. This is why you must frustrate all his plans and expectations concerning you through prayers with other covenant practices and Kingdom principles bountifully taught I God’s word.
*”Anything God permits you to confront, He has empowered you to conquer”*

Dear friend, brother and sister, don’t be discouraged by what you are going through. What youngster going through cannot stop where you are going to! I like you to know that your fight reveals your size. Only Moses can bring down Pharaoh. The size of Goliath revealed the greatness inside of David. There is something about Jehu that will put an end to the nuisance of Jezebel. Your confrontation is the revelation and confirmation of the giant inside you.

Within you is the power to bring down principalities and uncommon challenges. Within you is the power to take over territories. Your fight reveals your weight. Do you know that it is not everybody that can face what you have faced and still stand strong like you do? There is something positively unusually about you.

So, if the enemy had been aggressively fighting you, if you’ve been faced with battles after battles, I say a big CONGRATULATION. It is a confirmation that you have a great, significant, substantial and global destiny, and I pray for you in the name of Jesus, YOU WILL OVERCOME!

Never allow the devil make you look down on yourself and that which God has given you. The devil knows what you carry. This is why he is doing everything to kill the seed of greatness inside you. People with weak destinies do not face violent battles; the reason why you are going through what you are going through is because there is something special about you. The devil is busy doing everything to frustrate your awesome and glorious future, but the Lord said I should announce to you today: YOU WILL OVERCOME. YOU WILL FINISH STRONG. I prophesy over your life, whatever you are going through right now, IT WILL END IN PRAISE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
*”Any problem that stops you from praying, studying and obeying God’s word is determined to finish you.*

Reason For The Fight
Reason For The Fight, Apostle  Ebimiyen

“Many are the afflictions of the righteousness: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.” Psalms 34:19

Every challenge you are going through has one aim: to kill the seed of greatness that you Carry. But, you must understand that the devil did not make you, so he cannot break you. Nothing can bring you down if you refuse to be brought down. Nothing and no one can put an end to your greatness and your rising if you stay determined refuse to be disheartened.

Refuse to lose hope; you carry something very unusual that this generation desperately needs!

Remember Hannah? The enemy fought her fruitfulness because he knew she was going to give birth to one of the most outstanding and distinguished Prophets. The fight against Hannah was to prevent Samuel from coming to this world,but Jehovah has the final say.

Samuel means “God has answered me.” It also means means: “God has replied.” For many, the devil is doing everything to make them lack answers and testimonies in certain areas of their lives. He is doing everything to make it appear like there is nothing to show for their serving God. But I pray for you today, just as God answered Hannah, you are also going to have major testimony in the name Jesus.

Apostle Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen Speaks.

Reason For The Fight Apostle  Ebimiyen

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