May 28, 2022
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John 1:12: Power To Become, Apostle Gabai Ebimiyen

What is “POWER”?

Power means to supply with energy or force.
Power is ability to do something effectively.
Power is ability to direct or influence the behaviour Of other or the course Of events.
Power is ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.

Brethren, Nothing is reveal to a man like a manifestation Of power.

Power is an overflow with the relationship with the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.

POWER is the Driver’s license to every greatman. When Power comes, you control the surrounding around you.

Power is an element that determine your visions to be real and manifestation.
Power attract prophesy and prophesy is the blueprint Of your Life. Prophesy is the accurate meaning Of your Life.

Any time a person Speaks or partner with Holy Ghost, there is heavy power to reveal and manifestations. John 3:6-7.

“Partner with Holy Ghost is the strongest access to God. The strongest force on earth is the force Of Prayer. The enemies are not sleeping, when you lack Power Of God, YouTube Will be oppressed by night Men always”.

When Power to God comes, you don’t feel it but you Will experience it.

Power To Become
Power To Become

“It is better to be a lion in the whole day than to be a goat for hundred days. The monkey that jumped from tree to another is not by Prayer but power Of character.

When you are still under oppress Of witchcraft ,you are powerless, therefore, activate your power to kill thy strongman in your family rather in your community.
When power Of God comes, the natural powers are suspended. When the supernatural power initiated,the natural law Will be suspended”.

Power To Become

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