May 28, 2022
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In Response to my inquiry, “Ruler when will this lockdown be lifted ?’

The Lord Jesus Christ stated:

“Anybody that actually imagine that all that will be typical again before the genuine difficulty hits the world is a joker. All that will never be typical again. Aside from influencing the world and the Church, the lockdown was likewise used to get some an ideal opportunity to get the VACCINE AND the RFID MICROCHIP prepared for authentic dispatching. THE LOCKDOWN WILL NEVER BE FULLY pLIFTED UNTIL THE VACCINE AND THE RFID MICROCHIP GETS FULLY PREPARED.

Quickly, the lockdown is authoritatively lifted, the immunization and the RFID MICROCHIP will be formally dispatched and equipped warriors will be shipped off implement this law significantly. They will move and spread in their thousands and they will look through each house to discover those that have not taken the immunization or the central processor. It will be merciless.

A law will be pass that any individual who would not take the immunization or central processor ought to be detained and endure torment.

This is the way all that will be for the Church. The adversity have begun. The typical life has finished. All that I let you know is all happening on a fast track now.

Make your ways at this moment. Request elegance. Implore.





As at the time the Lord gave me this message, Joe Biden was a long ways behind in the surveys as Bernie Sanders was driving in the vast majority of the swing States in the Democratic faction political race, trailed by Butteigen, Elizabeth Warren, while Joe Biden was following behind in – somewhere in the range of fourth and fifth position. It was very embarrassing most definitely.

But then the Lord Jesus Christ advised me, to tell the Church that Donald Trump won’t be reappointed for a subsequent term.

The Lord said that Joe Biden is the following leader of the United States of America. He is the person who will made ready for his lord the monster, Barack Hussein Obama. The Lord Jesus Christ said President Trump will be tossed out , he won’t win a second residency in office. I used to petition God for his re-appointment, yet the Lord halted me that day.

Many were insulted by this disclosure, and some concerned brethrens who have been following the prophetic words which the Lord by his beauty is providing for me and the Ministry he has submitted into my hands, prompted me secretly to cease from such direct prophetic expressions, because of a paranoid fear of consider the possibility that it didn’t happen ?.

A specific sibling asked me affectionately; “consider the possibility that it doesn’t happen ?” Your standing will be completely demolished. I let him know and other concerned brethrens that I am not stressed by any stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t make a difference whether Joe Biden was coming up short in the Democratic coalition council political race, in light of the fact that the Lord said he will be the following U.S president I decide to accept the expression of the Lord over the current reality.

Today Joe Biden is the authority official applicant of the Democratic faction. He was as of late reinforcement and received by in all honesty the monster himself, Barack Obama . Biden is the person who will run against President Trump in the coming U.S political race, that is settled. A portion of our brotherss from the U.S who protested that message are returning to communicate their astonishment with regards to how Joe Biden figured out how to secured the Democratic coalition official ticket. Some of them said to me, sister you said it, I said no, I didn’t state it. The Lord said it.

This is only the start. Leave it alone known to all and sundary that Donald Trump won’t be reappointed. Joe Biden, the beast,s previous bad habit will be chosen into office and he will clear a path for Barack Obama to come in. This time Barack Hussein Obama is coming to control, the U.S, yet the entire world. I don’t swell when individuals begin to compose and attempt to bring me into any sort of contention. I don’t peruse the stuffs they compose and I don’t react to such. I am incredibly outfitted and burdened with my superb calling in addition to other things, specifically to give prophetic perfect admonitions to the Body of Christ at this crucial time. The weight of the Lord is my weight. I don’t possess energy for frivolities. I possibly react to benevolent certified requests if time grants me to do as such.

Joe Biden administration is happening, incredibly quick. Kindly help me out, compose today,s date down, we should see who the following U.S President will be, Donald J. Trump or Joe Biden . I am disclosing to you the expression of the Lord, that Joe Biden is the following U.S President, there is no measure of petitions to transform it. I rehash compose today,s date down, kindly

In like way, the Lord has said that the lockdown will never be completely lifted until the VACCINE AND the RFID gets completely arranged. You should record this as well.

This is a clarion approach the Body of Christ. You might be permitted to take part in any financial exchanges or access your cash, social foundations, clinical consideration, purchasing and selling and so on if just you acknowledge the immunization and the chip, the sign of the monster.

You have been cautioned. Try not to take by the same token. By the beauty of God I will post what the Lord revealed to me a year ago about the RFID MICROCHIP.

Now I trust you comprehend that you and I will experience the incredible hardship. You will be so ill-equipped in the event that you are as yet holding on to be bliss before the initiation of the incredible affliction. As per the expression of the Lord, the extraordinary adversity has started. You may wind up tolerating the sign of the monster, while you persuade your self that it couldn’t be the characteristic of the monster since joy hasn’t occurred. Peruse again Matt. 24:9-13, 21-22,29-31. 1 Thess. 2:1-3, Rev.13:7 ,Rev.20:4

Get ready PREPARE !

1.Let me recurrent this , purchase food stuffs. Purchase sturdy food things in mass, what ever you can bear.

2. Plant food crops , and Pray to the Lord to direct you to your concealing spot. A position of relative harmony where you can cover up for quite a while before things get warmed up.

3. Most importantly, guarantee you are truly brought back to life and have apologized from your wrongdoings. What’s more, you are carrying on with a sanctified existence of supreme internal and outward heavenliness and honorableness. This is the best Preparation of all.

4. Are you willing to set out your life for Christ,s purpose ? You should be prepared to die with regards to your confidence in Christ Jesus, in a similar way the DISCIPLES of the Lord laid theirs. You might be tormented, detained or martyed for denying the Vaccine or the Chip, which is the characteristic of the monster. Are you prepared ?

5.The days ahead are dangerous and evil. Brethrens petition God for beauty to remain as far as possible. This is the thing that the Lord request that I let you know. Petition God for his elegance to empower you to stand dedicated as far as possible.

May you get the effortlessness and the blessing to stay devoted and not to deny the Lord Jesus Christ, come what may in the strong name of Jesus Christ.



1. Tell my shepherds, workers, youngsters, and church body around the world, to meet up and join together. Disregard the past, pardon each other, and group up together and battle the shared adversary at work now. The villain entered the congregation to partition you.

2. Tell my kin I didn’t bring the Corona Virus. Innovation is grinding away many will bite the dust,

what’s more, it’s the foe doing this to accomplish their objectives.

3. I am not content with the Church. The Corona Virus has taken the lips of my kin, even to the degree of being their petition life. Covid, has become a divine being to them. What number of my kids are investing energy in my promise, and in supplications? Kids and the old presently think about Corona Virus than about Me. Many are caught up with stacking and emptying information upon information, looking for data about Corona Virus.

4. This isn’t the Tribulation. It is a pretest to Tribulation. This is little contrasted with what will happen soon. Numerous ministers and evangelists, are revealing to you that the Lord isn’t coming at this point. I am coming Now! Let them know, this age won’t pass, before I show up.

5. Instruct them to go out and lecture my assertion. They gather is ready, yet the workers are not many: As I expressed in my promise in Matthew 9:27, Luke 10:2. The world is freezing a direct result of their material belonging, on how they would appreciate them. Not even about how to confront endlessness. Summer is moving close, and my heavenly attendants are wherever appearing to many, and the indications of my return are everywhere on the world. There isn’t a lot of time left. I am returning once more.

6. Reveal to them I need one basic message from my shepherds, and workers, everywhere on the world. The message of adoration, absolution, and that the Lord Jesus is coming Now, not soon.

7. I am burnt out on treacheries, love of self, than Me. Instruct them to atone and spurn abhorrent ways.

8. My child, I talk again to you, this one is essential to my Father, in paradise. Really, the antibody conveys infection and will execute individuals . Advise my kin not to acknowledge it. The central processor isn’t conveying the imprint 666 now, as written in my promise. Numerous Christians are apprehensive, and contending. The CPU is an interfacing gadget or admittance to the 5G innovation. It has come to remain and nothing will transform it.

9. My child, the CPU is on trial with 5G at the present time. The fiend needs to clear a path for the Antichrist. He needs a solid organization to control the world legislative issues, world economy, and politically influential nation. The CPU with 666 will associate with the individuals who have taken the antibody and the chip. At that point starts the hardship.

10. If you don’t mind caution my youngsters, and my workers, particularly the individuals who have millions and billions in their record, both in unfamiliar and nearby monetary forms, to take them and backing my work, help poor people, and the general public. Very

LOCKDOWN: Message from the Lord Jesus to the Church

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