May 28, 2022
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The 2020 edition of the National Council on Communications Technology and Digital Economy (NCCDE) has just been concluded in Owerri, Imo State.

NCCDE is the highest consultative body on matters related to IT development in Nigeria headed by the Minister of Communication Technology and Digital Economy. All State Government and stakeholders in the IT industry are critical players.

The 5-day event took place in Imo State this year.

It is a platform where IT stakeholders, thought leaders and states government discuss and generate ideas aimed at building the future of IT in Nigeria.

During the event, gap analysis is done; where we are and where we are going.

For this year’s edition, awards and recognition have been bestowed upon states that have made tremendous progress towarding developing a strategic roadmap for IT development:

1. Capacity Building

1st: Zamfara
2nd: Kaduna
3rd: Ondo

2. Infrastructure Development
1st: Kaduna state
2nd: Ekiti state
3rd: Plateau state

3. E-Governance implementation
1st: Osun
2nd: Niger
3rd: Bayelsa

OVERALL BEST: Kaduna State

I cannot be more ashamed that my state (Akwa Ibom) with the highest federal allocation year in year out, has no place in any of the category of the awards.

What does this tell you?

It tells me: a government with clearly no leadership direction. A government that undermines the contribution of IT to economic development. A government that ignores the fact that world economy is driven by IT. A government that downplays on technology as the driver of the 4th industrial revolution and a government bereft of ideas.

It is very clear this current government is out of touch with the reality, otherwise, they would have had a specialised department of IT peopled by reputable IT professionals who can help the government develop strategic IT programs and policies to position the state on the IT map in Nigeria.

May sense come to those who lead us.

ICT: A'ibom State lacks leadership direction

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