May 28, 2022
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Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom, AKSG On Politics Of Ibaka Deep Seaport

Right Of Reply: That Fraudulent And Illegal Relocation Of Ibaka Deep Seaport To Ibeno, My Take

My attention has been drawn to the planned relocation of Ibaka Deep Seaport to Ibeno by the Akwa Ibom State Government. In considering that disturbing news, I’ve formulated below a dozen points for the Udom Emmanuel led administration and those who are backing this crude, cruel, fraudulent and illegal enterprise to digest.

1. How can you conduct feasibility studies at Ibaka and use it to establish a seaport at Ibeno?

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

2. How can the Environmental Impact Assessment made for Ibaka now fit into Ibeno?

3. What happens to the hundreds of hectares of land donated and or acquired from the Ibaka people for the project? Will it be annexed to Ibeno as theirs too?

4. How can you move a DEEP SEAPORT from the natural deep bays at Ibaka to shallow waters of Ibeno, where you’ll require yearly if not monthly excavation and movement of sand and reclamation?

5. How do you justify moving a DEEP SEAPORT to an oil drilling mass of shallow waters where thousands of oil pipelines are criss crossing?

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6. The Mrs Usoro Panel exceeded their Terms of Reference by purportedly recommending the relocation of the Ibaka Deep Seaport to Ibeno.

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

7. If you are content with fraud deceit and injustice to the Oron people in the name of politics, exigencies and flexing political capital at your disposal, what about the transient nature of power itself and the painful lessons of history?

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom
Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

8. Is this not why Calabar Port has remained a joke till date? Is it not the same mistake made by stealing the Ibaka port and taking it to calabar that has made the Calabar Port unviable till date?

9. How can you justify repeating the same mistake made by citing a port in Calabar? That misguided and mischievous decision has haunted us till date.

10. Yes I’m a proud Ibibio son but injustice is injustice no matter whose ox is gored. Cheating and exploiting the Oro people by relocating of the Ibaka Deep Seaport to the shallow waters of Ibeno is fraudulent, unjust and ab initio, illegal.

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

11. I call on Governor Udom Emmanuel to reconsider his decision and remember that his tenure will end on 29th May 2023 and he becomes an ordinary citizen.

12. There’s a reason that we have the history books to learn from the mistakes of the past. Power is transient. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

I say so because what is bad must be roundly condemned by all.

Firstly, international end users don’t care what you do because they have alternatives in Apapa, Tin Can, Warri and Port Harcourt.

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

Secondly, a State like Lagos makes billions in taxes in the ports and were happy when we took the Port to Calabar in the 80s because they know that no right thinking individual will sail Ocean Vessels past Lagos to the shallow waters of Calabar where he will be required to offload offshore and start using tugboats to transfer containers to the shore.

Thirdly, Ibaka has a natural bay discovered by the Portuguese in the 17th Century while Ibeno is shallow waters infested and crisscrossed by oil exploration activities.

Fourthly, the shallow sand beaches of Ibeno is not suitable for a DEEP SEAPORT because the cost of yearly, if not monthly dredging required to make Ibeno viable makes no economic sense.

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

Fifthly, its illegal to use the feasibility study and Environmental Impact Assessment conducted at Ibaka for Ibeno.

Sixthly, the plan to build the infrastructure in Ibeno yet use Ibaka waters to be part of the project is fraudulent.

Finally, I’ve been opportune to study the relevant paperwork for Ibaka Deep Seaport and can tell you that what is being done right now is a massive scam that will unravel sooner than later.

Chief Nkereuwem Akpan is an Abuja-based Legal Practitioner and Human Rights Activitist

Ibibio Lawyer Faults Udom

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