May 28, 2022
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“Firstborn Children Should Check Their Family Background To Terminate Curses” – Apostle Ebimiyen

Apostle Mogul Ebimiyen Speaks .

Some firstborns are just carrying on an evil family pattern. An evil pronouncement may have been released on the firstborn children of a lineage, so an innocent child comes into this world and continues the satanic pattern, largely because of parents who are ignorant ,diabolic or too lazy spiritual to preserve their seeds from evil patters.

“The lives and destinies of most firstborn children have been shaped by curses and satanic verdicts”.

The Bible tells us in Genesis 9:24 how Noah cursed his grandson -Canaan, the son of Ham. Remember Ham was the youngest son of Noah who saw his drunken Father’s nakedness and instead of covering his father ,he told his brothers about it. Ordinarily, one would have expected Noah to punish the main culprit (Ham) for the offense he committed ,but Noah chose to place a curse on his son’s son (Canaan).

Firstborn Children
Apostle Mogul Ebimiyen

What Noah did may not have corrected the past ,but it surely destroyed the future. This is typical of how many people have transferred their aggression to innocent firstborn children and making them to pay for crimes they did not commit.

I have seen many firstborn children helplessly become a disappointment to the family; they try hard but never succeed in concentrating on anything that will enhance their lives. I have seen firstborns whom the enemy has reduced to vagabonds; they are always roaming about like rolling stones and wonderers.

What they are going through is just another effort of the devil to destroy a glorious destiny .The enemy is desperate to make them an object of shame to people that should otherwise look up to them. The devil has made many firstborns to become slaves to people who should otherwise be their servants.

Apostle Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen.

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