May 28, 2022
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The Nigerian government, through the service of oil assets, has marked a notice of comprehension with the public authority of Niger Republic for oil based goods importation.

As indicated by an assertion delivered by the service, Soraz Refinery in Zinder, Niger Republic, has an introduced refining limit of 20,000 barrels for every day contrasted with the country’s 5,000bpd homegrown necessity.

This leaves an overflow of 15,000 barrels for every day.

Mele Kyari, bunch overseeing head of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), marked the MoU for Nigeria while Alio Toune, chief general of Niger Republics National Oil Company, Societe Nigerienne
De Petrole (SONIDEP), endorsed for the benefit of his nation.

The marking was seen by the pastors of state for oil of the two nations, Timipre Sylva for Nigeria and Foumakoye Gado for Niger Republic.

“This is a significant advance forward. The Niger Republic has some abundance items which should be emptied. Nigeria has the market for these items. Accordingly, this will be a mutually beneficial relationship for the two nations,” Sylva said.

In his comments, Kyari said the two nations have had long commitment in the last four to five months with the end goal of reestablishing the importation of oil based commodities (abundance creation) from Niger into Nigeria.

we want to have a dependable and feasible business structure to have a pipeline from the Soraz Refinery in Zinder (Niger) into the most proximate Nigerian city so we can build up a stop.

We are likewise dealing with a definite MoU between our two organizations so we can proceed with the execution cycle right away.”

Nigeria presently imports refined oil based commodities in spite of having four processing plants. Accordingly, scant forex is spent to guarantee that there is no shortage in the nation.

Government authorities have communicated trusts that the 350,000 limit Dangote processing plant being built will end the time of oil based commodities importation in Nigeria.

FG signs MoU to import fuel from Niger Republic

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