May 28, 2022
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Efficiency Of Unity And The Youths’ Quota In The Trends Of Development Of Awodikuro Community

The entire vibrant youths of Awodikuro Community in Arogbo Ijaw Kingdom , Ese-odo Local Government Area of Ondo State .conveyed their words of encouragement to held a meeting on the 25th (Sunday) day of April,2021.

According to the youths’ president, Comr. Peremini Bodidi popularly known as Anibe, ‘youths are the main brain behind the progress of every community. The sleeping lion is awake to eat and position a dilemma to be right and bring brightness to the entire community. Efficiency Of Unity

In the mood of the meeting, Prince Ipiteikumoh Eperetun said, “Awodikuro is an ancient community in the history of Arogbo Ijaw kingdom Ondo State but it remains the same formula of not progressing because the youths of the community are not being carried along by the politicians in our ward both the state and the local Government .The youths of Awodikuro community in Arogbo Ijaw Kingdom of Ondo State has agreed to work assiduously for upliftment their community. Efficiency Of Unity

The youths said, we need ever progressive involvement in the political terrain of the community and The youths urges their political representatives at state level, local Government level and the ward level to looks things critically into their physical urgent needed challenges in the community.

Efficiency Of Unity

Efficiency Of Unity
Efficiency Of Unity

In statement of the Chief (Apostle) Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen (The Positariwei of Awodikuro and the EBIMIYEN of Arogbo Kingdom) said, “we fear God,we are kindhearted outstanding persons .Among other attributes are some of the reasons we remain loyal to the leaders of the territory. It’s very regrettably lugubrious and unpleasant vibe or thing that the whole community is using Churches as an venue of doing meeting. We need emergency or urgent town hall in our community at this trying time and failure to do so will result to zero percent .The leaders should be aware of this against future elections in the ward and Ondo State at large. Efficiency Of Unity

The Positariwei of Awodikuro and The Ebimiyen of Arogbo Kingdom also said, Awodikuro community is the largest unit in Arogbo ward two(2) in Ese-odo Local Government Area of Ondo State that is always producing the most numerous votes that gives victory to any political party in every elections in Ondo State. Therefore let the Government look into this situation of our demands and grant them.To avoid destabilisation of future elections. Efficiency Of Unity

According to Comr. Best Mepiri Ofoyeju, We the youths of Awodikuro have decided to take any length to fight and we are often ready to take any risk to reach the promise land because we are totally tired of used dumped gesture during and after elections. Efficiency Of Unity

The youths enjoined the foremost leaders and elders of the community at large that there is no good footbridge and there will be series of accident occurred resulted of wounds on bodies because the footbridge as damaged. We Urge and appeal to the Government of Ondo State to rescue us and renovate the footbridge of the community. Efficiency Of Unity

The issue of approval for the secondary school that still on pending is one of most motive of our angry concern. We are calling the very Foremost leaders representing us at the state level and the local Government level to exercise and expand their good offices to do one or two step into the approval matter. We also urge the Government to understand our situations in our noble and ancient town. The youths said and added.

Efficiency Of Unity

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