May 28, 2022
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The world is in emergency. The human family has never been partitioned and confounded as being experienced today. Administrations of countries and strict associations are presently encountering natural social segregation, disdain, nepotism, prejudice, bad form, brutality and fights.

An ever increasing number of individuals from the human family are losing confidence in the political frameworks and strict convictions. Then again, the effect of Coronavirus pandemic on wellbeing and the economy of the world are making numerous to lose confidence in science. Indeed, Coronavirus seems to flag disappointment of science and innovation. The human family is at a go across street. There are mayhem, catastrophe, weakness and disasters all over the place.

Without care and love for the widows, poor people, the penniless, abused, the jobless and the majority by the decision class, Nigeria is seeing the EndSars dissents the nation over. ENDSARS and different issues tormenting Nigeria must be comprehended by acceptable administration. Nonetheless, great administration isn’t feasible through sexual relations except if by the lessons and functional exhibitions of Leader Olumba Obu.

Amidst these difficulties confronting the human family, the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is praising the Enthronement of Peace and Justice. This is on the grounds that the Savior of the human family isn’t being normal however He is in our middle. His Holiness Olumba Obu, the King of rulers and Lord of rulers has showed to stop all the uncertain emergency destroying the human family.

He is the creator and provider of Peace. He has showed this opportunity to instruct, change and carry the human family to Oneness.

There is no measure of gatherings, meetings and harmony advisory groups by man that will achieve the required harmony and equity on earth. It isn’t appointed by Father God that man would take care of man’s issues yet rather God. All the common political and strict pioneers should put aside pride, personality and perceive and give up to Him for He is the main answer for our issues and difficulties.

In this way, let all the arth tenants and the hosts of paradise join Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in praising the Divine Manifestation of His Holiness Olumba Obu, the King of rulers and Lord of rulers for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

The progressing International Conference on (changing a confused world to harmony and equity, is proposed to extend and disperse this message of harmony to human family). Much obliged to You Father. Diocese supervisor (PROF.) DAVID IREFIN BCS Directorate of Evangelism (17/11/2020)

Brotherhood church Celebrates
Brotherhood church Celebrates

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