May 28, 2022
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5 Signs Of Stupidity – Apostle Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen

1. Stupid people blame others for their own mistakes

Stupid people don’t like taking responsibility for the mistakes. They prefer to wallow in self-pity or just go straight to playing the blaming game .It is never a good idea to cast blame. Be accountable ,if you had any role no matter how small in whatever went wrong. Mogul advises, ” The moment you start pointing fingers is the moment people start seeing you as someone who lacks accountability for his or her actions.”
Wise people also know that every mistake is a chance to learn to do better next time”.

2. Stupid people always have to be right

In a situation of conflict ,wise people have an easier time empathizing with the other people and understand their arguments. They are able to integrate these arguments into their own chain of thought and to reconsider their opinion according.

3. Stupid people react to conflicts with anger and agrression

Obviously even the smartest people can get really angry from time to time. But for less intelligent people, it is to go to reaction whatever things are not going their way. When they feel like they don’t have control over a situation as much as they would like ,they tend to use anger aggressive behaviour to secure their position .

Apostle Mogul Gabai
Apostle Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen

4. Stupid people ignore the needs and feelings of others people

Intelligent people tend to be very good at empathizing with others. This makes it easy for them to understand another person’s point of view.

5. Stupid people think they are better than everyone else

Intelligent people try to motivate and help others. They do this because they are not afraid of being overshadowed. They have a healthy level of confidence and are smart enough to assess their own competence .

Apostle Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen.
July 30th Friday, 2021.

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