May 28, 2022
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Worried that the Primary Health Care Centre in Obot Akara Local Government Area cannot cater for the health need of all indigenes and residents in the Local Government, the Council Boss embarked on constructing the first Secondary health facility in the Local Government – Ultra Modern Cottage Hospital, Nto Edino.

Doubly worried that as Chairman, he has learnt of how the Local Government constantly miss out from the privileges of donor agencies concerned with health, the ultra modern cottage hospital became a necessity.

It is the belief of the Executive Chairman that health care delivery needs to be decentralized and made closer to people too.

Initially, the Chairman intended building a Mother Child Health Care (MCH) Center, to cater for pregnant women and children in the Local Government.

The idea of the MCH metamorphosed to a Secondary health care facility that would cater for the health need of all, irrespective of gender.

The facility houses male ward, theaters, pediatric, laboratory, Consulting rooms, , Pharmacy, female ward, post natal ward, labour rooms, antenatal, surgical wards, offices, accident and emergency unit, kitchens, rooms for Doctors and Nurses etc.

Yes, a Local Government Chairman has done it. He has proven true that all levels of Government can better the lives of their people with life touching projects.

He has proven that just like it is the responsibility of the Federal and State government to make life better for its people by meeting their needs, a Local Government shares the same responsibility too. Afterall, it is closer to the people.

At a time when the economy of the world is dwindling because of the Covid-19 pandemic, a Council Boss is hitting his chest to say that projects must continue to spring up in his Local Government and women, men, youth, children in his Local Government must have quality medical care and more!

Henceforth, the people of Obot Akara will no longer travel out of their locality to seek medical attention and to undergo surgeries.

Although the project is yet to be Commissioned, the people of the Local Government are super elated and seem impatient to start using the facility.

Etubom Anietie Akpaettor is the Executive Chairman of Obot Akara Local Government Area and is one of the few Chairmen that never sought for a second term in office.

We’d be taking you round projects of the Akpaettor led 3years administration for a couple of days.

A'ibom council chairman builds hospital


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