May 28, 2022
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A Time To Kill: Apostle Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen

…..Ecclesiastes 3:1, 1Samuel 2:6.

“The termination of an enemy is a preservation of a generation. The killed of Goliath is not only the benefit of David but it was the liberation of the whole Israel”.

“A loaded gun that has not used is useless. Do not counsel whom you are supposed to cancel . Whatever you tolerate ,you cannot terminate untill you act ,God cannot React”.
John the Baptist had a portion of that kind of Spirit (of Prophet Elijah) and they killed him like a chicken ,why because He refuse to act ,he maintain Gentility (Gentle man). If you are too Gentle you will end up on pitch. Mathew 14:6-11, Mathew 11:11-12. Prophet John the Baptist’s Head for birthday party. That shall be not be your portion as you act as expected.
“If you do not kill them ,they will kill you. We are in a generation that the enemies has no mercy ,they are very brutal of mercylessness.

“There is something about witches and Wizards. IF you don’t kill them ,They will kill you. If they kill you and repent tomorrow, they will go to Heaven”.

A Time To Kill

Reasons why you must React?
If you do not kill them ,you cannot fulfill your destiny ,thereby making you a negative testimony and you cannot be a reference point. You are a child of fire . You are not expected to die before your time. There is a reward for a man that kills. 1Samuel 17:25-27, 1Samuel 17:36.

“God is helpless when you are silent ,Your decision is God’s decision ,you can’t fold your hands and expect God to intervene for destiny just like that, Act and take step!.

“If you don’t want to be a servant for life ,you must be a killer in advance. Who will do the killing not you but God Almighty ,your own platform of the step of do the kill is to be on the violent platform of prayer. Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:1 says ” a time to kill”. In Luke 20:14, you will discover ,they wanted to kill him(you),so that they could (can)posses your future ,you must kill them before they kill you.

And there came w voice to him ,Rise ,Peter kill and eat . Acts 10:13. There are things you may not have access to in life untill you kill. If you want to eat the fruit of your labour ,then you must kill anything that is fighting it. The Bible says , “Arise kill and eat”. Do you want your life to see abundance ? Then, be ready to kill. Do you want to get a job after graduation? Then ,be ready to kill . Do you want to settle in your own house and have a baby ? Be also ready to kill. Mark it ,somehow , somewhere for something; someone wants to kill you; so be ready to attack the seen and unseen enemies. The Bible says that we should pray for our enemies. Yes ,but a prayer point was not given. If you are the type who says , ‘Let my enemies live long and see what I will become’, then be ready to face their challenges until you become what you want to become. “Mind you ,you may not become what you must to become because the enemies also have something they want you to become”. You may become what the enemies want you to become. But if cannot You may become what the enemies want you to become. But if you can not face such challenges ,why not just pray a prayer that will eliminate the enemy. David kill Goliath , a great enemy to Israel and had peace. Why would you want your enemy to live at all ,how much more ,living long? Can’t you see the way John the Baptist disgraced himself? Somebody that was ordained to be a General ,but a little girl used his head. The girl was dancing and her father asked her what he should give her and she said the head of that Prophet, a prophet that could call down fire . If only some of us know the angels behind us ,we wouldn’t be oppressed. “You may ask ,where was God when they were cutting his Head? All right ,God is also asking ,where was his Mouth ,before they started cutting his Head?.
If John the Baptist had declared that that all of them with their weapons should be consumed. On the spot ,they would have been finished. But rather ,he chose to be silent and his life was ended. If you somebody points at you and started that none of your children will live long and you just smile and say, ‘Let God’s will be done’ then ,be ready to mourn. If a fellow looked at you and took your husband rather a wife from you ,and you said , ‘God’s will be done’, you may die lonely . In the battle of life , silence means consent. Today ,you will open your mouth and kill.

“Oh you enemy! If you touch me by mistake ,you will die by correction”.

“If you ways feel sorry for them ,they will soon feel sorrow for you. If you always show them pity, they will soon put you in the pit”. Please ready the book of Esther 3:13, Lam 2:21.

A Time To Kill
A Time To Kill, Apostle  Ebimiyen

” You are not a refrigerator but a refinery. You are not created to be a cooler but an oven” …..Mark 12:5-9.

“You need war to ward off enemies”

“Satan does not trouble men that look for his trouble”. He troubles men who are calm. Prophet Elijah saw Obadiah and said , “Go and tell Ahab I am here” and Obadiah replied that he wouldn’t go. It was because Obadiah knew he could not predict Prophet Elijah’s movement . The Holy Ghost always moves him out of trouble.
Job continued in prolonged affliction and elongated confronted Satan and said that as long as the Lord lives ,He will be Redeemed…..Job 19:25.

“Trouble does not trouble people who trouble trouble”……Exodus 32:9-10.
There is something in English Language called the voice of reasoning.

“Witches doesn’t hear the voice of reasoning. They fear the voice of Fire…… Hebrew 12:29 says ,Our God is a consuming Fire.

A Time To Kill

“So long you are not the one looking for them ,but they looking for you ,the God that made you shall take them off your back”….. Isaiah 26:9-10.
And 1Smauel 2:6 say, The Lord killeth, and maketh alive: He bringeth down to grave ,and bringeth up.

“If you pity your enemies,they will put in a pit……Jeremiah 5:14.

“When it comes to Destiny ,there is no draw. It is either you win or you loose. On your way to destiny ,don’t practise democracy. When God kills ,no arrest is made”. …
Job 22:28, Ephesian 6:10-18.

“Your destiny is not in the Hands of your enemy, it is not even in the hands of God ,it is in your hands. You are how you take yourself”…….Note! Before God created rather made you ,He as already giveth thy destiny on your hand before came to this world.

A Time To Kill

“The strength of your Oppressor is your ignorance”. A man suffers from what he does not know . There is no man will know a thing and not go for it. The reason you went to the hospital was because you were sick and you did not know what it was ,even if you knew it was a fever ,you did not know how to get it treated. If you had known how to get it treated ,you won’t have seen the doctor. So it is, in the battle of destiny .What a man doesn’t know is what he suffers from and that is why you have to gather information. “When you are not informed, you will be strange and ingnorant to the situation”.

“Any time you overstimate Satan ,you underestimate God”…. Others were fighting Goliath with spares ,arrows and bows but David fought him with a sling. He knew that his sling could handle Goliath.

A Time To Kill

“What you call what you see ,is what you get”……Genesis 2:19.

“If you believe the report ,you will see the result. What you believe is what you receive. What you see is what you seize. Your picture is your future . What you picture is what you capture”.

“The problem with many of us is that we are trying to use the physical to fight the Spiritual”

“If you are sentimental ,you will soon be mental”…..,,,When people threaten you ,don’t fold your hands and sleep . Employ your supernatural into the physical. 1King 17.

Apostle Mogul Gabai Ebimiyen Speaks.

A Time To Kill

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