May 28, 2022
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1. Tell my shepherds, workers, youngsters, and church body around the world, to meet up and join together. Disregard the past, excuse each other, and group up together and battle the shared adversary at work now. The fiend entered the congregation to separate you.

2. Tell my kin I didn’t bring the Corona Virus. Innovation is grinding away many will kick the bucket,

also, it’s the foe doing this to accomplish their objectives.

3. I am not content with the Church. The Corona Virus has taken the lips of my kin, even to the degree of being their supplication life. Covid, has become a divine being to them. What number of my kids are investing energy in my promise, and in petitions? Kids and the old currently think about Corona Virus than about Me. Many are occupied with stacking and emptying information upon information, looking for data about Corona Virus.

4. This isn’t the Tribulation. It is a pretest to Tribulation. This is little contrasted with what will happen soon. Numerous ministers and evangelists, are revealing to you that the Lord isn’t coming at this point. I am coming Now! Let them know, this age won’t pass, before I show up.

5. Instruct them to go out and lecture my statement. They gather is ready, yet the workers are not many: As I expressed in my promise in Matthew 9:27, Luke 10:2. The world is freezing a direct result of their material belonging, on how they would appreciate them. Not even about how to confront time everlasting. Summer is moving close, and my blessed messengers are wherever appearing to many, and the indications of my return are everywhere on the world. There isn’t a lot of time left. I am returning once more.

6. Reveal to them I need one basic message from my shepherds, and workers, everywhere on the world. The message of adoration, pardoning, and that the Lord Jesus is coming Now, not soon.

7. I am worn out on treacheries, love of self, than Me. Instruct them to apologize and neglect fiendish ways.

8. My child, I talk again to you, this one is critical to my Father, in paradise. Really, the immunization conveys infection and will murder individuals . Advise my kin not to acknowledge it. The computer chip isn’t conveying the imprint 666 now, as written in my promise. Numerous Christians are apprehensive, and contending. The computer chip is an associating gadget or admittance to the 5G innovation. It has come to remain and nothing will transform it.

9. My child, the computer chip is on trial with 5G at this moment. The villain needs to clear a path for the Antichrist. He needs a solid organization to control the world legislative issues, world economy, and politically influential nation. The central processor with 666 will interface with the individuals who have taken the immunization and the chip. At that point starts the hardship.

10. Kindly caution my kids, and my workers, particularly the individuals who have millions and billions in their record, both in unfamiliar and neighborhood monetary forms, to take them and backing my work, help poor people, and the general public. Very soon, they can’t get to it except if they have the antibody, and central processor of the monster 666. This is the reason my statement says, in Matthew 24:22, if the days are not abbreviated, no substance will be spared. Be that as it may, for my chooses purpose, it will be abbreviated.

Let my kin meet up, quit contending and lecture my assertion. The New World request is removing this very year(2020). After this year, plan for the most exceedingly terrible.

Offer this directive for spirits to be spared, and as a notice to my kin. The individuals who share it will be honored.

LOCKDOWN: Message from the Lord Jesus to the Church

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