May 28, 2022
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Most importantly, I will prompt that you take as much time as is needed to peruse this report very well with complete consideration. My goal here is to recount the story that numerous individuals don’t know about because of the side that was at first very forced on the overall population.

This entire occurrence occurred around 2007 something like that. Prophet Israel was a little youngster in his twenties doing service in the heavenly church. This was a youngster from an incredibly helpless family who didn’t have a clue what’s in store for him. Laide Williams who was in her thirties was living in the UK and knew about this youthful prophet in Nigeria who had the endowment of otherworldly understanding. She came to Nigeria to see him, and he petitioned God for her. She returned to the UK and had huge Testimonies as respects the things she came to see him for.

In the interim, she was hitched in the UK. She kept up close correspondence with the youthful prophet, and steadily she began educating him concerning how she has going gaga for him and furthermore how she discovered her significant other in the act laying down with another lady. She proceeded with the weight for affection from this youthful person who additionally had motivations to consider her to be a lifeline who could remove him and his family from destitution and penury. His intension excessively was to discover a method of leaving Nigeria to UK with the goal that he can likewise become someone. Israel Oladele didn’t have a thought of what God had available for him. He never accepted that he would actually be this incredible. They began their adoration life and they were seeing someone was not at all a mystery relationship. They leased a condo around Jaffa where the two of them lived with her sister and Israel Oladele’s sister. Mrs Laide Williams was not just a darling to Israel Oladele, she likewise bit by bit turned into the “Bestie” of his mum (Mama Dorcas Ogundipe). Presumably, she did a ton of things to help this youthful admirer of hers whom she accepted such a great amount in his giftings. During one of the congregation Harvest, Dr Yinka Ayefele was the artist welcomed to sing. Mrs Laide without any assistance splashed #500,000 to Yinka Ayefele. This got her darling ( Israel Oladele ) furious, he felt that was wastage and it wasn’t useful for the future they were constructing together. He encouraged her to place cash into landed properties and she concurred. She sent cash to him and they got the main landed property which was a 3plots of land. They began deal with the land, and Israel Oladele’s mum was the one helping her to manage the development cycle. Later they purchased two different properties and things proceeded with fine. She came to Nigeria and was staying again at the house they leased in jaffa, and on a reliable day she was having her shower and her telephone was with her life partner (Dele Ogundipe), a message dropped on her telephone and lo and observe it was a message from her better half who was grumbling of how she relinquished him and came to Nigeria. Promptly this youngster saw this message, he pointed out her it by saying ” I thought you said you all were separated?”

Quickly, Dele said he was awkward with the relationship. One thing prompted the other, and they brokeup. She returned to the UK and life went on. Inevitably, she sent some infant’s photos to her Besty(Genesis mum) and she revealed to her she has an infant for her child. How about we leave the child’s story for the time being and proceed onward to what next. Barely any years after the fact, Dele Ogundipe proceeded onward and got Married to Bimbo in an extremely intricate cultural wedding. Less I fail to remember, Laide had just been given over the archives of two of the landed properties that was bought for her(which all conveyed her name). The third property was the one that had a little issue then between olusho Dele Ogundipe and the Oba Lambe in jankara territory. At the point when Laide found with video confirmations from her sources that Dele Ogundipe got hitched, she composed an appeal against him to the uncommon Anti burglary crew asserting that he had weapons in his home et cetera. The police visited his home and couldn’t discover anything implicating against him, and he was delivered. In an offer to satisfy her danger of cutting him down, she went again to do a request against him at the Special cheats Unit of the police. They got him once more, and during cross examination, they asked her what occurred and she said.

1. He is owing me the cash I used to rooftop his Parents house when it was spilling

2. He is owing me the cash I spent when his child was wiped out

3. He is owing me the cash I used to fix his vehicle

4. He is owing me the cash I utilized in getting him Ralph tree T-shirt

5. He is owing me the cash I utilized in supporting the acquisition of the land where his congregation is presently.

At the since quite a while ago run, an absolute was made and was conceded to that he should pay her Two million naira. Dele vowed to pay her yet that he can’t manage the cost of that container of cash right now. In her offer to deliver retribution, she felt unsatisfied with that understanding and searched for a superior method to utilize impact to put forth the defense more confounded. He was later gotten again and was giving a kangaroo arraignment in court which the adjudicator kicked against. Let me cut this story off, Olusho Dele Ogundipe arrived in kirikiri where he went through near a month. As though that was insufficient, the case developed and turned out to be significantly more confounded. The woman being referred to rejected that they ever had a relationship,that they where never at short proximity. In any case, you can see from the photos posted beneath. Truth be told for protection reasons I won’t post the infant’s image, however for any individual who knows how Genesis kids resemble the other the same, you won’t question the way that he possesses that kid.

Legal dispute proceeded for over 11yrs, in the interim the case being referred to needs purview on the grounds that the said rate occurred in Ogun state, and on the grounds that the woman being referred to has the people pulling the strings in her grasp, the case was treated in Lagos state. That aside, joined to this post was the proposals providing for the court by the police dependent on their examinations.

It was likewise clarified by the adjudicator that the charges of taking, extortion a falsification need confirmations to back up the case. However, before it slips my mind, during the reason for the case, the blameless youngster was made to compose an endeavor that he will pay 8.5million to the woman which he compose and was happy to pay just to complete the issue. Throughout the long term, a few endeavors have been made to privately address any outstanding issues, yet was denied by the investigator. Clearly it was not about the cash but rather an offer to render retribution. We are not astounded, that is the thing that u get from a bittered lady.

In what capacity would u be able to clarify how a ridiculous instance of adoration turned sour turned into a 7 tallies charge. As I would like to think, the appointed authority was reasonable enough to have eliminated the insignificant includes for the situation. The cash he is approached to pay by the court is 11million

1. The 8.5m that he had to send in embraced when he was more youthful

2. The 2.5m that she said was for the third landed property that she said the record was not idealized.

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, the said land is as yet accessible, sheltered and all around secured on the off chance that you need to see.

I figure this ought to have the option to place some light into what precisely occurred. Prophet Israel Oladele isn’t just an adored righteous man, he is an honored man. I simply accept profoundly that God has something explicit he needs to do with the entire of this occurrence in light of the fact that with all pointers, this man isn’t in any capacity liable of any of the offenses.

Yet, one thing is certain, successors will ask everybody. To Genesis worldwide individuals, the godly man is fine and as of now doing extraordinary adventures in his new area. Be solid and keep the fire consuming.

Pastor Israel Genesis story

Pastor Israel Genesis story

Pastor Israel Genesis story

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